Sleepy Hollow Street Signage
FOSH is in the process of working with the City to purchase and install historic street signs in our area.  FOSH is currently accepting tax deductible charitable contributions to help purchase the signs.  We thank those of you who have already generously contributed toward this ongoing project.  We hope that residents and local businesses will consider FOSH to be a part of your charitable giving each year.  It will be a donation for which you will actually see the results of your generosity!
Clean-Ups and Beautification
FOSH volunteers occasionally schedule dates to clean Leland Avenue Park and the Netherwood Train Station. Volunteers also try to pick up trash and report on the condition of the Netherwood Train Station once a week. Volunteers are needed to assist with this please check back for the dates and times of the next schedueld clean-up or contact us if you are interested in being a part of these commitees.

-Click here to view articles related to past winter &  summer clean-ups.

Other Social, Fundraising and Neighborhood Events
There are activities in the works, and if you have ideas, would like to volunteer, assist in planning or would like to be a part of them, please let us know.  The committee has already met and is presently working through some future ideas, we'd love to have you join the team.  Please inquire at if
you are interested.

**Acrobat Reader is required to view most forms and flyers on the FOSH site.  Download Acrobat Reader for Free. 


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